and kindergartens

“As long as you talk yourself, you won’t learn anything.“
Marie von Ebner-Eschen­bach

“The basis of a healthy order is a large waste bin.” (Kurt Tucholsky)

Our schools + kindergartens

Arc en Ciel

If the surroun­dings already are densely popu­lated, there always remains the acti­va­tion of roof areas.
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IBTASEM is a tempo­rary play­ground struc­ture for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. IBTASEM offers caring. And…
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Pixe­land by 100architects brings toge­ther play­ground spaces for kids as well as land­sca­ping and enter­tain­ment…
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Pimp up your Play­ground. Or schoo­lyard, sports ground and office. Floor images by app, made of EPDM granu­late. By…
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