Romelio Martínez Stadium

Cultural heritage, reloaded

The ideal venue for football and carnival.

On the occasion of hosting the Central American and Caribbean Games, the stadium was completely redesigned – into a multifunctional favourite place.

The Romelio Martínez Stadium is the current municipal stadium in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, of greater antiquity as the scene of professional soccer in the city, and the old headquarters of the most representative Barranquilla clubs in the Colombian first B category, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest of national character (BIC).

Due to the fact that the stadium did not comply with the current norms to celebrate sporting events, the patrimonial tribune was restored, the field was correctly oriented according to FIFA recommendations, sufficient areas were provided to celebrate sporting events and the public space adjacent to the stadium was renovated.

To accommodate a variety of uses while improving the stadium’s connection to the surrounding public space, the stands were divided into fragments.

In the proposal, the importance of the existing building, representative of an era of architecture in Colombia, is recognized, to propose a new distribution to the interior that allows both the public of the events and interested visitors, to appreciate its architecture.

Also, the implementation of the playing field is designed with proper north-south orientation, with a slight inclination of 9 ° to the west for the correct visual viewers who are located in the north grandstand, designing the grandstands with the standards required by norm for sports scenarios.

El Equipo Mazzanti have created a modern 11,000-seat football stadium – and a contemporary monument of multi-functionality.

Finally the topography resulting from the space released by the old stands, throws a height difference of nine meters between the highest and lowest part of the lot, the court being an intermediate level between both, which is used to generate bleachers abroad of the stadium, areas for outdoor training and support areas such as shops that, added to new green areas, make it possible to integrate the public space with the stadium.

El Equipo Mazzanti have created a modern 11,000-seat football stadium – and a contemporary monument of multi-functionality.

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El Equipo Mazzanti


Baranquilla Fotbol Club

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Estadio Romelio Martínez
Cra. 46
Av. Olaya Herrera ##72-155
Barranquilla, Atlántico




 A Construir S.A


El Equipo Mazzanti




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