The Große Bürgerbusch in Oldenburg

Exercise trails in 2022

Exercise trails are back on the map. The city of Oldenburg has modernised and improved the aesthetics of its combined running tracks and fitness facilities.

The Große Bürgerbusch exercise trail combines running with exercises promoting strength and coordination.

Exer­cise trails are back on the map. The city of Olden­burg has moder­nised and improved the aesthe­tics of its combined running tracks and fitness faci­li­ties.

Der Große Bürger­busch is a popular recrea­tional ground cove­ring an area of over 20 hectares, situated in the north of the city. Its attrac­tions include an illu­mi­nated running track lined with joint-friendly wood chip­pings and fitted with exer­cise equip­ment at nine stations.

This keep-fit trail was fitted with exer­cise equip­ment in late 2021.

The exer­cise trail combines running with exer­cises promo­ting strength and coor­di­na­tion. During the keep-fit move­ment in the 1970s, thou­sands of these exer­cise faci­li­ties combi­ning circuit tracks with fitness stations appeared all over Germany. The purpose of the exer­cise was not compe­ti­tive, but to promote people’s health in an affluent society crippled by obesity and cardio­vas­cular disease.

The old wooden equipment was rather outdated, being neither functional nor creatively designed in view of modern expectations.

The keep-fit move­ment was a fore­funner to the current fitness boom. However, with the advent of new sport trends, both the move­ment itself and the concept of exer­cise trails were soon forgotten. The local autho­ri­ties simply didn’t have the funds to main­tain the faci­li­ties.

Although this has been chan­ging since the revival of the keep-fit move­ment through media-effec­tive campaigns lead by the DOSB, some circuit tracks, and espe­ci­ally their asso­ciated exer­cise equip­ment, are still in need of adjus­t­ment to the needs of today’s athletes and walkers.

Green spaces are also used for sport in Olden­burg. Der Große Bürger­busch with its cross-country running track and new fitness stations is an exer­cise hotspot.

The track is one kilo­metre long and comprises an appro­xi­m­ately 10 cm thick surface made from wood chip­pings and shavings over­lying a drai­nage layer of sand and gravel. The soft surface effec­tively cushions runners’ foot­fall, easing pres­sure on their joints.

The old wooden equip­ment was rather outdated, being neither func­tional nor crea­tively desi­gned in view of modern expec­ta­tions. It had also partly been taken down because of safety defects. It was replaced by stain­less steel equip­ment.

The Große Bürgerbusch meets all the requirements for a modern exercise trail.

The new exer­cise trail in the Großen Bürger­busch was completed in late 2021. In just two months of buil­ding work, new fitness equip­ment was fitted at nine stations.

The equip­ment is made by Playfit and has already proved its worth in other parts of Olden­burg in a similar setting.

The stations are desi­gned to appeal to a large target group. They are not just for passing joggers, but will also appeal to walkers from all age groups.

The Große Bürger­busch has a step and jump trainer, an arm pull and press-up trainer, sit-up trainer and callis­the­nics faci­lity There are noti­ce­boards explai­ning how to use each appa­ratus. Athletes can view further exer­cise instruc­tions by scan­ning the QR code atta­ched on the equip­ment.
Playfit equip­ment satis­fies all requi­re­ments in accordance with the DIN EN 16630:2015 safety norm for site-depen­dent outdoor fitness equip­ment.

The Große Bürger­busch meets all the requi­re­ments for a modern exer­cise trail.

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