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Turó de la Peira sports centre

Anna Noguera + Javier Fernandez


In 2015, the Barce­lona City Council held an archi­tec­tural compe­ti­tion for the design of an urban block and a sports faci­lity consis­ting of an indoor swim­ming pool and a sports court: Turó de la Peira.

The winning proposal by Anna Noguera and Javier Fernandez frees space from the urban envi­ron­ment prior to the inter­ven­tion and creates a large garden provi­ding envi­ron­mental quality. The buil­ding is half-buried and mini­mizes its impact towards the garden through a green gallery that surrounds it.

Urban regenaration

Prior to the inter­ven­tion, the urban envi­ron­ment was an unstruc­tured space consis­ting of a sum of resi­dual spaces; a space occu­pied by a sports court tucked between neigh­boring buil­dings, and a pool of obso­lete faci­li­ties. An urban land­scape of hard pave­ment, concrete walls and total absence of vege­ta­tion.

One of the new Turó de la Peira sports centre’s aims is to reclaim the free space inside the block from the old Calderón de la Barca swim­ming pool to the Turó de la Peira Muni­cipal Sports Track as a green area for local resi­dents. That is why the two old faci­li­ties, the swim­ming pool and the track, have been brought toge­ther under the same roof.

Volumetric integration

Turó de la Peira is composed by the overlap of two large spaces: the swim­ming pool on the ground floor and sports hall on the upper floor.

The buil­ding is placed half-buried, adap­ting the topo­graphy and bridging the diffe­rence in level between the two streets. The facade to Sant Iscle Street has an urban character, with a corner porch that extends the side­walk and invites us to enter.

The buil­ding mini­mizes its impact to the garden with a green, surroun­ding gallery. The volume is one more element of the garden, not mimi­cking but dialo­guing with it.

Energy efficiency

Turó de la Peira was desi­gned under sustaina­bi­lity criteria. And that is because the buil­ding was desi­gned for maximum perfor­mance: solar orien­ta­tion, green facade and thermal insu­la­tion etc. What is more, it gene­rates rene­wable energy through photo­vol­taic panels.

The design of the buil­ding has been carried out with passive archi­tec­ture criteria. Skylights and windows, moni­tored by sensors, ensure proper cross-venti­la­tion.  

The compact and embedded volume mini­mizes the façade surface avoi­ding thermal losses.  The thermal insu­la­tion of the whole enclo­sure has been selec­tively treated accor­ding to solar orien­ta­tion.

Efficient systems

The building‘s aero­thermal system allows the reco­very of heat to produce hot water. The lighting has power control systems depen­ding on the natural lighting.

The photo­vol­taic panels occupy the entire roof deck and gene­rate 90% of the energy needed to run Turó de la Peira.

The excel­lent charac­te­ristics of the wood in rela­tion to its life­cycle, was one of the reasons for choo­sing the prefa­bri­cated system in lami­nated wood. It was also assessed due to its good mecha­nical perfor­mance, its light­ness and its short cons­truc­tion time.

Green façade

A green gallery surrounds Turó de la Peira protec­ting it from the sun and crea­ting a biocli­matic space. The access ramp to the sports court runs between the facade and the green mesh where the vines grow.

From the court, the entire green facade is totally perceived through the curtain wall, enjoying its flowe­ring changes accor­ding to the time of the year.

Water recycling

A large tank located in the base­ment coll­ects rain water from the roof for reuse for the entire irri­ga­tion of the green façade by means of a hydro­ponic system.

In the garden’s site deve­lo­p­ment, drai­ning strips at the bottom of the slopes collect rain­water to return it to the water table.

We did this.

Project data and compa­nies involved


Institut Barce­lona Esports
Ajun­ta­ment de Barce­lona


Arqui­tec­tura Anna Noguera
Javier Fernandez
Aragó 224, 3er 1a
ES — 08011 Barce­lona


Anna Noguera
Javier Fernandez


Turó de la Peira
Carrer de Sant Iscle, 50, 54
ES — 08031 Barce­lona




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