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The KUFA-Roundabout in Lyss


An enormous record player has turned a new roundabout in the Swiss region of Lyss (located between Biel and Bern) into an international attraction.

The project’s initiator was the neighbouring concert-organising body KUFA. The player is not only very well suited due to its round shape but also creates a closeness to its surroundings as symbolic as it is funny.

LP of the week

The easiest ideas are of course often the best. The turntable is as circular as a roundabout, while vinyl achieves a coherent and emotional relation to music in general and to the KUFA in particular.

Yet it was a long journey from its inception to implementation. KUFA, the Gehri Aarberg construction firm, the Lyss county council and the department of civil engineering held their breath for four years, to ultimately set in motion and execute their project.

Alongside the planning and approval, the works themselves were not quite a walk in the park, with one example seeing volunteers busy for a full week, with attaching the approx. 800 metal plates to the record player.

You sexy thing

Since its inauguration in May of 2019 the KUFA roundabout has been celebrated on social media. The drone video quickly received over 150,000 views – could any traffic facilitator keep up with that?

At the same time, one may well assume that “the sexiest traffic roundabout on earth“ is able to draw a smile from drivers too.

33 ⅓

You might also say: The KUFA roundabout is the right blend of function, shape and recognition value, with both the council and sponsors thus benefitting equally.

What the turntable is still missing, however, is a tone arm. It has not (to date) been included, for security reasons and due to a scarcity in funds. It may still happen, when the speed is turned down to 33⅓.

We did this.

Companies involved & Links


Gemeinde Lyss
Maarktplatz 6
CH – 3250 Lyss



Idea & Design

Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss
Werdtstrasse 17
CH – 3250 Lyss

Gehri AG Aarberg
Seidengasse 7
CH – 3270 Aarberg


Johannes Bühlbecker
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Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss, Thomas Hässig (Drohne)
Gehri AG, Marc Gehri


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