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There are more than 15,000 sports facilities in Chile, however, of the total of these, there is a high percentage (more than 30%) of courts in disuse, without maintenance and practically destroyed. In a short time, these constructions are transformed into a sort of urban and rural corpses devoid of the active care of institutional agents.


The metro 21 project “De cancha en cancha” seeks to cover this lack that has left many localities – especially rural – with one of the only community meeting places in ruins. Part of the project precisely seeks to publicize what is happening at the local level.

Only art can help.


We look for fields that are in abandonment and we investigate what were, or are, their daily uses.

From this, we made a rescue and compilation of the memories and identities of the town or commune, which are worked on, conceptually and aesthetically, in conjunction with the guest artists.


In general, the sport courts are constructed of asphalt or concrete, which results in a hard and rough surface. These are surfaces that do not withstand changes in temperature and tend to see your folders cracked over time.

Metro 21 try to take care of this problem by seeking to make them softer and more comfortable to play, sit, jump, run and dance, thus responding to a recreational space at the service of the community.


The refurbishing process is developed through the improvement of the damping and the softening of the surface. This is achieved with the following mixes:


  • Expansion joint sealing
  • Primer application (sealant / waterproofing)
  • Application of “slurry” (quartz, cement and sikaflex), to generate cushioning and adherence.
  • Application of “Cushion” which is a quartz mattress with elastic resins (rubber granules) and water.


In addition to improving the surface, we also replace the sports equipment necessary to continue promoting outdoor sports – bows, hoops, nets and zippers.


The success of this ambitious project is not only due to the careful execution of every detail of the refurbishment work.

De Cancha en Cancha is known and popular because of the apparently spectacular surface design of the pitches. To this end, the planners of Metro 21 have each worked on a project-by-project basis with local artists, who have sought the best design solution for each situation.


“De cancha en cancha” makes a valuable contribution to the redesign of public space, combining artistic ambitions with functional and structural necessities. Thanks to the publicity achieved and the public support that comes with it, the designers will be able to realise further redevelopment projects.

So far nine “new” spaces have been created in nine different locations in Chile. This is a project that can also be very well imagined in almost any other country.

We did this.

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