When structure becomes architecture

Stadio Communale Travettore di Rosà

Didonè Comacchio Architects


The Italian studio Didonè Comac­chio Archi­tects has built a covered grand­stand for the muni­cipal stadium of Travet­tore di Rosà in Italy, which derives its grace and elegance from its reduced formal language — enti­rely in the style of Classic Moder­nism. A covered spec­tator area with 300 seats was required.

The Stadio Commu­nale Travet­tore di Rosà is the home of the FCD Trans­vector (Secunda Cate­goria, that is the 8th league) near Vicenza. It was opened in summer 2020.


With a few gestures, the archi­tects create a clear and covered space that sits like a hinge between the natural envi­ron­ment and the pitch.

The roof of the Stadio Commu­nale Travet­tore di Rosà reminds very maje­s­ti­cally of the coffered ceiling of the New National Gallery in Berlin. It is supported by two massive concrete slabs, and they are also at right angles to each other and poin­ting the way.


The rectan­gular roof struc­ture, 30.5 meters long and 10.5 meters wide, consists of a grid of steel girders that form a coffered ceiling. A single, linear, hori­zontal element made of steel can be expe­ri­enced.

The lighting is located in the panels. It is covered by a dark metal grid in the color of the roof.


These two rein­forced concrete bodies and the concrete steps under this roof provide a cele­bra­tion appro­priate to Italian soccer. Struc­ture becomes archi­tec­ture. The strict form demands full concen­tra­tion on art.

These are simi­la­ri­ties to Mies van der Rohe’s New National Gallery. Here, art simply consists of a match in the eighth Italian league.

Soccer is art when it appears simple. This also applies to archi­tec­ture.

We did this.

Project data


Didonè Comac­chio Archi­tects
Via dei Prati, 14
I — 36027 — Rosà, Vicenza

Project team

Paolo Didonè, Devvy Comac­chio, Gian­marco Miolo, Denis Stop­pi­glia, Lorenzo Fravezzi

Ing Stefano Scomazzon (i+da)
Impresa edile F.lli Bizzotto
Lorenzin srl

Physical address

Stadio Commu­nale Travet­tore di Rosà
Via Cà Diedo
I — 36027 Rosà VI




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