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Architecture for sport and leisure

“More Sports. More Architecture” is our blog about all conceivable sport and leisure constructions: outdoors and indoors, open and closed sports halls, school playgrounds, sports grounds, stadiums and amateur football fields, swimming pools, saunas and wellness facilities, facilities for association sports and informal sporting occasions, available in holiday resorts and refugee camps, on supermarket rooftops and beneath motorway bridges. 

“More Sports. More Architecture. is intended for architects, suppliers, operators, journalists and users of sports buildings and facilities.

“More Sports. More Architecture. comes from More Sports Media, the PR agency for the entire sector.

“The true secret to success is enthusiasm.”

Walter Chrysler

“With ‘More Sports. More Architecture’, a platform has been created that reports in a refreshing way on innovations in sports facility construction. A great project and a pleasant collaboration.”
Matthias Prinz

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” I want a good bang and a good laugh or I’m not gonna do it.”

Astrid Lindgren

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“More Sports. More Architecture.” introduces projects and products. We also offer sponsored posts/advertorials and a variety of banner ads, interviews, company profiles and exclusive mailings.

Our newsletter direct advertising has a highly reliable target group reach, since our news is personally delivered to nearly 6,000 international readers.

Almost 75 percent of our readers are sitting in front of their computer – already a “professionally” high value in the B2B sector – and two-thirds of our users return after a short time.

“Thanks for sharing, looks great!“
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  • Recurring visitor 64,9% 64,9%
  • New visitor 35,1% 35,1%

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Advertorials / Sponsored Posts

This form of advertising has developed rapidly over recent years.

It’s no wonder that according to a study by the “Forward AdGroup”, one in two readers find content of this kind helpful and engaging. For 70 percent of the users, it’s not even important whether the item is editorial or an advertisement – as long as the content seems relevant.

What we do is this: we design a layout from your materials (text, images, plans, videos), the company profile and our interview; this is agreed with you. When the newsletter appears, the item is published on our (and your) website – and remains there: you will be permanently searchable! 

“Competent in sports and architecture, fluent and target group-oriented writing, deep and thorough international research, always on time and reliable. That’s why More Sports Media is part of our team.”
Lena Grosch


“The secret of true intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

Albert Einstein

Price example: monolingual contribution

Advertorial with text, pictures, plans, project data and videos
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Advertorial with text, pictures, plans, project data and videos
Distribution in German and English language newsletter (about 6,000 recipients)

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We are naturally keen to hear what you would like to see and what your preferences are. 

“Collaborating with ‘More Sports. More Architecture’ has been fantastic opportunity for us. It’s considerably increased our reach in Europe.“
Ann Sussman

Genetics of Design

“We’ve never tried that before, so I’m sure it’ll work.”

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“‘More Sports. More Architecture’ is an inspiring platform with many good practices, ideas and inspirations”.

Anja Kirig

Future researcher

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it.”

Oscar Wilde

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I look forward to your message!

Greetings from Bochum,
Johannes Bühlbecker


I look forward to your message!

Greetings from Bochum,
Johannes Bühlbecker

More Sports Media

Johannes Bühlbecker, founder

Johannes Bühlbecker is an architect and has worked, among others, for International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) for 15 years – as editorial director of the renowned trade magazine “sb”, in the organisation and realisation of international architectural competitions with IOC and IPC, in trade fairs and conventions, as head of the “NRW Beratungsstelle Sportstätten“ (“NRW Advice Centre for Sports Facilities”) and as a lecturer at the German Sport University Cologne.

  • Dipl.-Ing. (engineering degree) Architect, TU Berlin
  • Longtime editorial head with “sb”, an international journal for the architecture of sports
  • Training in web design, online marketing, etc.
  • International architectural competitions with IOC and IPC
  • Trade fair and congress organisation
  • Head of the “NRW Beratungsstelle Sportstätten“ (“NRW Advice Centre for Sports Venues”)
  • Lecturer at the German Sport University Cologne
  • Planning of the Prussian Stadium in Münster (for großmann engineers, Göttingen)
  • Replanning a football stadium in Berlin-Köpenick
  • Numerous publications, i.a. “From Round Leather to Soap Bubbles – The Development of Football and its Architecture”
  • Board member and youth coach at SV BW Weitmar 09



+(49) 234 5466 0374



More Sports Media
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