Acoustic ceilings in swimming pools


To be successful in offering relaxation, the quality of the building materials used along with attractive facilities is crucial.

Ceiling and walls clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels effectively absorb the sounds of splashing, shouting and playing, thus contributing to pleasant acoustics in swimming centres.

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Münster-Kinder­haus Pool, © Torben Weiss

Escape from ever­yday life and expe­ri­ence rela­xing moments. This is what today’s guests expect from an indoor swim­ming pool. To offer this, not only attrac­tive features are required — the quality of the buil­ding mate­rials used also deter­mines the well-being of the guests and thus the success of the pool.

Ceiling and walls clad with Trold­tekt acou­stic panels effec­tively absorb the sounds of splas­hing, shou­ting and playing, thus contri­bu­ting to plea­sant acou­stics in swim­ming centres.

Cement-bonded wood wool panels are also durable, with a natural resis­tance to mois­ture. The flexible design options also offer considerable archi­tec­tural freedom.

Choo­sing mate­rials is a parti­cu­larly chal­len­ging process for archi­tects desig­ning swim­ming centres. Of course, the mate­rials have to aesthe­ti­cally match the archi­tec­tural idiom. But a number of func­tional requi­re­ments also need addres­sing.

Swim­ming centres are usually large spaces, high-ceilinged and with many glass or concrete surfaces. In combi­na­tion with the excited shrieks of children having fun in the water, this calls for acou­sti­cally exac­ting solu­tions. It is ther­e­fore important that the large ceiling and wall surfaces are clad with mate­rials that have a high absorp­tion coef­fi­cient – so they effec­tively soak up the sounds.

Envi­ron­ments with constant high humi­dity also place addi­tional demands on the strength and mois­ture tole­rance of the mate­rials. Finally, the expan­sive walls often need a very carefully conceived visual design.

Trold­tekt panels are chosen for many swim­ming centres – and outdoor baths – because the natural advan­tages of the cement-bonded wood wool panels perfectly match the requi­re­ments. You can read about five reasons why Trold­tekt is an ideal choice below.

Cement-bonded wood wool retains the essential qualities of the components used to produce it – the strength of cement and the natural breathability of wood.

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Nauti­land in Würz­burg, © Olaf Wiechers

Supe­rior acou­stics

The open struc­ture of Trold­tekt acou­stic panels absorbs sound effec­tively. The result is shorter rever­be­ra­tion times, mini­mi­sing unplea­sant noise – in the swim­ming pool areas and in the asso­ciated faci­li­ties (chan­ging rooms, café etc.).

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Natural strength

Cement-bonded wood wool retains the essen­tial quali­ties of the compon­ents used to produce it – the strength of cement and the natural breat­ha­bi­lity of wood. Trold­tekt acou­stic panels are mois­ture-tole­rant and ther­e­fore extre­mely suitable as acou­stic ceilings in wet rooms. The panels cannot rot and do not attract fungal growth or other micro­or­ga­nisms.

The Danish Tech­no­lo­gical Insti­tute has docu­mented that Trold­tekt acou­stic panels are suitable for instal­ling in rooms with:

  • mois­ture levels of up to 98 per cent (+/- 2 per cent)
  • high tempe­ra­tures of up to at least 40 degrees.

Trold­tekt has thus achieved the highest CE marking level (D) for water resis­tance.

The docu­men­ta­tion shows that Trold­tekt is a robust choice for even the most humid and warm rooms such as swim­ming pools, shower rooms and well­ness depart­ments.

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Effec­tive fire­pro­ofing

Wood alone is an organic and flammable mate­rial, but every single wood fibre in a Trold­tekt panel is encap­su­lated and protected by cement. Trold­tekt panels are ther­e­fore fire­proof without the use of any fire retar­dant or dange­rous chemi­cals.

Trold­tekt acou­stic panels are fire clas­si­fied under Euro­pean stan­dard EN 13501. Trold­tekt acou­stic panels are clas­si­fied as B‑s1,d0, which denotes the material’s reac­tion to fire. In prac­tice, this means that Trold­tekt panels are only weakly combus­tible and weakly heat and smoke-emit­ting.

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Troldtekt panels can be used to create a unique look on large ceiling and wall surfaces, adding to the whole as sound-absorbing design elements.

Photos (3):
Kusel Swim­ming Pool, © Olaf Wiechers

Flexible design

Trold­tekt panels offer a number of diffe­rent design options. Through special instal­la­tion, colours or CNC machi­ning, the panels can be used to create a unique look on large ceiling and wall surfaces, adding to the whole as sound-absor­bing design elements.

Trold­tekt design solu­tions come with the same great tech­nical proper­ties as the classic Trold­tekt acou­stic panels.

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Docu­mented sustaina­bi­lity

Trold­tekt is certi­fied in the silver cate­gory under the inter­na­tio­nally reco­g­nised Cradle to Cradle scheme.

The certi­fi­ca­tion was attained in part because the panels contain no subs­tances that are harmful to humans or the envi­ron­ment. They can ther­e­fore return to the biolo­gical cycle as nutri­ents, or to a tech­nical cycle as a raw mate­rial in cement produc­tion.


Ramboll has also outlined how Trold­tekt speci­fi­cally contri­butes points to areas such as total cost of owner­ship, indoor climate and mate­rials in the leading sustaina­bi­lity certi­fi­ca­tions – DGNB, LEED and BREEAM.

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Simple instal­la­tion

Trold­tekt panels are installed directly on battens on ceilings and walls or using profile systems such as suspended ceilings – with concealed or visible profiles. When instal­ling the panels, only a few screws are needed per panel. There is no need to use filler or paint after instal­la­tion.

The Trold­tekt series includes speci­ally desi­gned screws that match the panels’ stan­dard colours and struc­ture. If you choose Trold­tekt panels in custom colours, we can supply extra paint so you can dab the screws in the same colour.

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