Sports culture in Denmark

From coast to coast

3 days, 6 projects, 7 lectures, 25 participants

Day 1

21 September

Bis 16.00
Indi­vi­dual journey to Billund

Bus to Ring­kø­bing
Check-In at Hotel Fjord­gaarden


You travel to Billund by plane, train or car.

From there we orga­nise and fund all sight­seeing, guided tours, trans­fers, lunch and dinner for you.

Day 2

22 September


Lalandia Søndervig Holiday Park
Presen­ta­tion and guided tour with Bay Archi­tects

Combi­na­tion of water park and holiday centre. Opened in June 2022.


Walk by the North Sea
with nature guide

Situated in the middle of the 500 km long Jutland west coast, Søndervig is the gateway to the North Sea. Sea, wind and dunes.


Natur­kraft Expe­ri­ence park
with lunch and tour

How the forces of nature affect us — and what happens when we try to tame them.


Hjertet i Ikast
Presen­ta­tion and guided tour with Julian Weyer, CF Møller Archi­tects

35 diffe­rent user groups in a faci­lity that is used for very diffe­rent sporting, cultural and social purposes.


at the Bådcafé

We will spend the evening at the old Ende­lave ferry with café, bar and restau­rant.

Day 3

23 September


Gellerup Sport og Kultur­center
Presen­ta­tion and guided tour with SHL Archi­tects

The new heart of Aarhus’ epony­mous district. It consists of a library, a meeting house and the “House of Move­ment”.


The trans­for­ma­tion of Gellerup & design of the new pool

In Gellerup, parks, housing, 1,000 jobs have been created in the last ten years — and soon a new swim­ming pool will be added.


Aarhus Inter­na­ti­onsl Sailing Center
Presen­ta­tion and guided tour with Thomas Capi­tani

Located right at the entrance to Aarhus harbour, it connects a new part of the city with the water via a prome­nade.


at Restau­rant Havnær

Close to the sea and with a wonderful view over the harbour of Aarhus.


End of the event
Bus transfer service

Thank you for joining us!



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