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School sports, popular sports, individual offers – and all this in a harmonious atmosphere and a safe environment? That can work…

The Außenmühle sports ground will not only be available to the surrounding schools and for recreational sports, but will also take today’s changed sporting behaviour into account.


Kilian + co. landscape architects were commissioned by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg to plan and implement the renovation and reconstruction of the Außenmühle sports field in the Hamburg-Harburg district. The aim of the project is to offer the surrounding schools a better opportunity to practice physical education, and, at the same time, to open up the facility for recreational and popular sports. The use of the sports facility by clubs should also continue to take place.

Another essential design goal is the provision of sports and other offers which take the changed sporting behaviour of the target groups into account.


Previously, all there was on the Außenmühle sports field was a large playing field and an oval-shaped track with a tennis surface . Due to the state of disrepair of the drainage, the ground was constantly under water and was not playable. So the city of Hamburg decided to provide the large playing field with new drainage and to convert it into an artificial grass pitch.

At the same time, the oval track, whose design is also outdated, will be replaced by a standards-compliant 400-metre circular track. Both these and the segments are made from plastic.


In addition, the range of athletics sports offers is being expanded. But above all, additional exercise opportunities are being created for all generations.

Another planning goal is to improve the access situation: new entrances are being created and the existing ones are being upgraded.


Kilian + Kollegen Landschaftsarchitekten
Büro für Freiraum- und Sportstättenplanung
Theaterwall 24
D – 26122 Oldenburg


Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

The new Außenmühle sports ground takes our changed sporting behaviour into account. This is most evident in the curve segments.

The new Außenmühle sports ground takes very conscious account of our changed sporting behaviour and of the changing demands on today’s sports grounds. This is most evident in the two curve segments, because here athletics installations using the traditional construction method are being deliberately left out.

Instead, a small playing field measuring 22m x 44m, which can be used for basketball, handball and football, will be created in the northern plastic segment. The small playing field is highlighted by a light blue shade. Additional white lines and two floor markings in the edge area allow for a creative and varied game.

Additional exercise facilities are planned in the southern segment, including a calisthenics system and parkour. The calisthenics system consists of different bars in different heights and positions, which can be used for functional training with one’s own body weight.

The parkour facility has various concrete elements for runs and training sessions. Both facilities are designed so that they can be combined. In addition, there are four trampolines lined up for different jumps.

The segment is covered with a bulk-coated plastic surface and visually divided by two different shades of blue. The red sprint track stands out. In areas where fall protection is required, the substructure is designed accordingly.

In order to ensure parallel use, ball catch fences with a height of 4m are installed between the segments and the playing field.


Außenmühle sports ground
Vinzenzweg 20
D – 21077 Hamburg



The large playing field will be converted into an artificial grass pitch.

Artificial grass pitch

The large playing field will be converted into an artificial grass pitch.

The construction of the artificial grass pitch is based on the requirements of the relevant DIN standards and on the current building foundation report. Following the principles of sustainability, the existing building materials of the old base layers are being preserved and supplemented. 


This is followed by the production of the tarpaulin, the creation of a new drainage system and the installation of a sand-filled artificial turf covering on an elastic base layer.

A sand-filled plastic lawn is chosen as the playing field covering, which is circumferentially bordered with a mould groove on the longitudinal sides and edging panels on the end sides.


The marking of the football field is done with 12 cm-wide white lines. Two playing fields are marked for youth football. The lines are incorporated into the artificial grass to create a lasting sports facility.

Two standard football goals and four youth goals are planned for the football field.

Athletics facilities

The existing oval-shaped tennis track will be converted into a plastic arena based on Type C, with two circular tracks and four 100 m sprint tracks. The markings of the facility comply with international standards.

The long-jump pit is located in the extension of the sprint tracks. The raceways are alternately coloured in two different shades of blue.

The Außenmühle sports ground will be opened in late summer 2023. We’re looking forward to it!


To improve access to the sports facility, the existing entrance will be upgraded and two new entrances will be designed on the Außenmühlendamm. Access will be via a staircase or barrier-free via the running track running diagonally along the embankment.

In order to secure the paths within the sports facility, the areas around the running track will be paved.

Beach area

The large sandy area north of the sprint tracks towards the north acts not only as a long jump pit, but also for beach sports. Seating facilities are being created on the adjacent lawns.

Children’s games

Opposite the beach area, another sandy area is created with low playing elements such as wooden bollards and balancing beams. A climbing and balancing course integrates the existing embankment and offers an exciting playing experience.


To protect the facility from vandalism, it remains completely fenced. The entrances are secured by gates of various widths.

The costs for the renovation and conversion of the Außenmühle sports ground amount to a good three million euros.

The facility will be opened in the summer of 2023. We’re looking forward to it!


Kilian + Kollegen Landschaftsarchitekten Oliver Berkhausen


Johannes Bühlbecker
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