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The Scharbeutz Skatepark is located in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea. The shape of the facility is based on the lines of the shore promenade and thus blends seamlessly into the terrain.

The very special location directly on the Baltic Sea results in a unique location. Its immediate proximity to campsites and holiday homes makes it another tourist magnet for the Baltic Sea spa.


The inspiration for the Scharbeutz Skatepark is the Baltic Sea and its characteristic dunes. The waves are the design motif. The ramps are modelled on them, as are the different levels, which are equipped with skate elements.

The planning was developed and defined in several workshops and participation meetings together with the young people and skaters from various sports in the area. In this way, the actual needs of the users were taken into account and met. At the same time, they identify much more strongly with the skate park.


A barrier-free access directly on the beach promenade invites everyone into the park. There is even a seating grandstand for spectators and passers-by. It provides a great view over the entire skatepark – and creates a skilful transition between the higher promenade and the lowest level of the skatepark.

The different levels of the skatepark are bordered by the dunes and form a gentle transition into the existing topography – which has also been planted and landscaped with dune grasses.

In-situ concrete

In order to achieve ideal rolling characteristics within the skate park, the facility was constructed using the in-situ concrete method. This created a smooth surface with which the desired individual shapes and elements could be realised.

Compared to wooden ramps, in-situ concrete facilities like the Scharbeutz skate park can be used for a long time, require little maintenance and are low-noise.


Coloured concrete was used in the Scharbeutz skate park. The colour ochre is based on the sand of the dunes. The design of the transitions, banks and ramps in this colour concrete supports the already mentioned design idea that this skate park should suggest the impression of undulations.

The skate park has three different riding areas: a jumpline, a skate pool and a skate plaza. This division avoids conflicts between the different user groups.

Jumpline and skate pool

In the northern area there is a jumpline, which is mainly used by bikers, scooter riders and inline skaters. The approach ramp is modelled on a ship’s stern.

The skate pool separates the jumpline from the plaza area. It is a fundamental part of the design, as pool skating is a basic component in the development of skateboarding. In the past, and still today, the movements of surfing were imitated there – another good reason to build a skatepark by the sea.

The organic shape of the Kidneybowl (the name comes from its bean-like form) means that the pool blends in perfectly with the topography of the beach. Pool depths of 140 to 180 cm make it ideal for all skate sports.

Skate plaza

The so-called “Plaza” is located in the southern area of the Skatepark Scharbeutz. This type of facility describes the areas of the park that are modelled on a public square. There you will find elements that are inspired, for example, by benches and stair railings in the city.

This area can be used by skaters, bikers, scooter riders and inline skaters alike.

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maier landschaftsarchitektur
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maier landschaftsarchitektur


maier landschaftsarchitektur

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