Sporthallen und Arenen

Sport unter einem Dach. In vielen verschiedenen Konfigurationen.

The Arch

What a sports hall.

L’Alqueria del Basket

The Valencia Basket Club wanted to host its 500 greatest talents in one place. The result is orange.

Wettingen Cantonal School

The Cistercian monastery in Wettingen is a special place. A sports hall has to be subordinate here.

Kura Kura

Form follows shuttlecock, at least in this badminton hall in Bali. This results in bold curves.

Alice Milliat Gymnasium

The Alice Milliat sports hall once was a market hall. Now it revitalises an entire neighbourhood.

Bamboo Sports Hall

Organic design, state of the art, fresh air and bamboo. You can hardly expect more.

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